Conflict Relief And Peace Organization  


Disaster Management by CRAPO

Individualized attention to the recent riot victims in four localities.

On-site /home counseling/psychotherapy to the riot victim family to improve coping mechanism.

Confidence building among sensitive localities through the means of interaction with local authorities, police, civil societies, business houses, political personalities, religious peoples and local influenced individuals.

Peace making in-between Hindu and Muslim neighborhoods through the means of open peace-tea-party, street-drama, free health camp, essay writing and other faith based involvement activities.

Human right awareness campaign through the means of Mass-Rally on against of incidents of human-right violation, debate, library, workshop etc.

Help the victims to load FIR in police stations and helps them further in getting governmental compensations regarding life/property losses in the riot

Around sixty dropout students school fees paid towards the poor students, whose parents were not in the position to pay school tuition fees due to the riot in January,2003.

45 young children sent to Hyderabad & Mumbai for better education in collaboration with Salamah (a Hyderabad base d voluntary organization).

Four women SHG (self-help-group) formed at two field offices.

Organized many workshops, health camps, peace meetings and human right related awareness programs non-formally.

Formation of youth groups

Walking tsunami devastated coastal localities in southern India

Celebration religious festivals with different religious groups

Conducted awareness campaign jointly with other agencies for m\woman and youth development

Street play on Peace and human rights

Peace Kite Flying ceremony observes with children

Social essay writing for adolescent and youth groups in particular and others in general

Rational for long-term Intervention

Identify the root and find proper solution for the impact of causes other then ethnic problems in the connection of job and in business relations

Open one career counseling-cum-training centre for youths and create awareness on eligibility for specific job and how to avail other benefits easily.

Assistance to families of single woman headed, widows and orphans, old aged, disabled, severely survivors in order to minimize the risks of abuse, discrimination and practices of social-evil and child labor.

Intervention in-group activities improve skills and breaking employment monopoly.

To organize seminar on social justice, security, human rights, economical upliftment to raise legal demand in the connection of further job lose.

Address the link between individual, social and employment authorities.

Exploring real-life support groups and network with that is available throughout the country.



CRAPO believes changes are the elixir of life and this is possible only via community empowerment approaches. CRAPO believes that all people deserve the same rights, including the right to live with dignity and to be treated as equal members of society and the right to develop their basic socio-economic needs fulfilled. Yet these fundamental rights are elusive for many people in post disaster existing crisis in particular and socially neglected areas like low-income families, high-risk youths, adolescent girls and women in stress in general. Without supports from others, a meaningful change can not expect. Read more...




Conflict Relief And Peace Organization