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Conflict Relief And Peace Organization (CRAPO) is a secular and non-profit organization with the mission that no one should face crisis alone and community empowerment is the main tool to overcome and prevent crisis. CRAPO is registered in January, 17, 2003 under society’s registration act 1860 of India after the 2002’s powerful Gujarat Communal Violence. CRAPO is a social action organization and operates over 10 programs and services and provides assistance to low-income families, high-risk youths, and adolescent girls, women in stress and disaster victims to meeting the physical, psychosocial and development needs. Nearly two thousand men, women and children infected with PTSD are registered as disaster victims with our agency and build confidence and peace among communities after the recent communal riots and provided $10000 relief to 2004’s tsunami victims in South India, formed 50 self help developmental groups among low-income based families in North East. CRAPO provides direct client service programs, relief programs, coping mechanism programs, awareness and education program, human right programs, and community outreach. Right now we have offices in Ahmedabad, Saurastra and North-East India and work out of an additional 10 locations throughout the year. We have one small staff (four in all together at head office), a couple of social workers, advocates and a group of active volunteers for every projects.

A beneficiary family from a CRAPO-project

Purpose of Organization
Consistently work for vulnerable community empowerment, disaster care & prevention, elimination of human right violence, substantial peace retention and psychosocial rehabilitation and to improve quality of living.


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CRAPO believes changes are the elixir of life and this is possible only via community empowerment approaches. CRAPO believes that all people deserve the same rights, including the right to live with dignity and to be treated as equal members of society and the right to develop their basic socio-economic needs fulfilled. Yet these fundamental rights are elusive for many people in post disaster existing crisis in particular and socially neglected areas like low-income families, high-risk youths, adolescent girls and women in stress in general. Without supports from others, a meaningful change can not expect. Read more...



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