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Project Need : $10,000
Project Location: Communal sensitive areas, Gujarat

Project Needs and Beneficiaries
1000 youths in lower caste/minority/riot victim communities and 500 more upper caste students in 4 sensitive districts “learning circles” need access to quality community education, namely participatory learning, relevant basic skills (peace, human right, social reconciliation, social and communal harmony, and environmental and conflict resolution skills), a flexible calendar and systems of promotion, cooperative attitudes, and ability to apply knowledge. 12 formal teachers, 10 community youth educators and 500 communal riot victim and displaced families need practical in-service training workshops.

Self-help group started by CRAPO after the tsunami disaster

Development and provision of youth’s self-paced, interactive books; community audio-visual; in-service training for teachers, youth educators and displaced families; advocate and polices active participation; peace supplements and the promotion of public and private partnership.

Expected Outcomes
Increase access, learning achievement; reduce mistrust rates; improve self-esteem and peaceful social interaction in institutions, families, groups and communities; provide multi-community work opportunities for young leaders; promote local ownership and confidence building among minority and dominated group/communities for value of community education and encourage the community in continued community peace education. l


Mission »

CRAPO believes changes are the elixir of life and this is possible only via community empowerment approaches. CRAPO believes that all people deserve the same rights, including the right to live with dignity and to be treated as equal members of society and the right to develop their basic socio-economic needs fulfilled. Yet these fundamental rights are elusive for many people in post disaster existing crisis in particular and socially neglected areas like low-income families, high-risk youths, adolescent girls and women in stress in general. Without supports from others, a meaningful change can not expect. Read more...



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